Over time, the contractions of facial muscles result in wrinkles and furrows in the skin that can make us appear older than we are. Botox® gives a rejuvenated look by relaxing the muscles of the face, smoothing lines around the mouth, between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and down the neck. Botox® is the brand name of botulinum toxic A, a highly purified muscle-relaxing agent whose wrinkle-preventing effects generally last about four months (though some patients see results extending up to a year).

Since 2007, Botox® is the most commonly performed cosmetic operation in the United States. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and requires no antiseptic; and the results begin to appear within days. Effects tend to last about 4 months (though some patients report results lasting a year), when your body naturally . It was first used for cosmetic purposes in 1989 and was approved by the FDA for use with moderate-to-severe frown lines in 2002.